Scrapbooking For Children

Scrapbooking For Children

Your children have already seen you scrapbooking for hours. They have seen the scrapbook page layouts that you have created which has given them a basic idea of what to do. So, why not let them create their own scrapbooking albums? Let their creative imaginations tell their story!

If you can put up with the house looking like a storm has hit it, for the day, then scrapbooking is an excellent way to keep the kids busy.

Children love to blend colors, create shapes and play with stickers and embellishments. For them, scrapbooking provides an endless, creative outlet which can help any artistic skills flourish. Creating a scrapbooking album of their own, increases children’s self esteem and sense of belonging within the family.

The best sized scrapbook album for children to use is a 7 x 7″ because they are easy to hold, yet they can hold many photos to tell their story. Ideas for children’s albums abc kids are endless. They could create a pet album, family album, friend’s album, school album, ABC album, autograph album and more.

Let your children experiment with their scrapbook page layouts so they can develop their own style, maybe offering a few suggestions when needed and helping to plan a few pages. They will however, need help and supervision with cutting tools, depending on their age.

Crooked or crowded photos, overloaded stickers or misspelled words all become part of their album and also gives them a precious keepsake, as adults, of their creativity when they were younger.

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