Keepy Uppys

Keepy Uppys

You might have heard the word “keepy uppys” sometime. If you’re from England I’m sure you have since they use it a lot there.

Keepy uppys = football juggling

Today you can even enter “keepy uppy competitions” in England. Then it’s not only about who can do the most keepy uppys, but also who does the most spectacular tricks with flow, style and attitude. This kind of keepy uppys use to be called “football freestyle”. Plain juggling use to be called keepy uppys but sometimes when they see football tricks they can say “keepy uppy tricks”. If you really want to separate the term football freestyle and keepy uppys you should call juggling for keepy uppys and tricks for football freestyle.

You now know the difference between keepy uppys and football freestyle, thenราคาไหล ufabet you might think if it’s good for anything. If you’re a football player and love the ball you will most likely love football freestyle. Football freestyle is also good for your game. It will improve your eye coordination, your first touch, your concentration and much more. Football freestyle is not a magic formula which will turn you into a new Ronaldinho. But if you’re serious with your football and you have big dreams I would highly recommend that you do some freestyle to become more skillful. You don’t need to practice like the freestyle pros(2h+ every day) but to practice some now and then will give you results, not in a week though.

I even think that your football coach should tell the team to sometimes do keepy uppys as a warm up exercise. I also think that the basic football freestyle tricks should be taught on your football practice by your coach or a freestyle pro. The goal is that the whole team will be able to do xx amount of freestyle tricks.

Try it and I’m sure you will love it!

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