5 Reasons to Ignore the Advice in Mainstream Bodybuilding Magazines

5 Reasons to Ignore the Advice in Mainstream Bodybuilding Magazines

The mainstream bodybuilding magazines (I’ll call them “glossies” for convenience from now on) are responsible for most of you bodybuilders who are making slow or no progress, treading water in your weight training and even sometimes just giving up through disappointment. I’m not saying that everything in the glossies is rubbish, but I am saying that the vast majority of it is rubbish. The main reason is that the magazine survives (or doesn’t) because of its advertising. They have an ulterior motive behind the advice (for want of a sr 9009 better word) they give, which is to get you to spend cash on expensive supplements that you probably don’t need.

I recently bought a mainstream magazine, and out of 200 pages I reckon two thirds of it was adverts.

Here’s what you can get from a typical glossy;

1. Unrealistic expectations

The glossies do articles about top bodybuilders, competition winners who are often loaded to the eyeballs with steroids. The thing about elite bodybuilders is that they now are obliged to take drugs if they want to succeed, in order to keep up with everyone else.

In addition to this, they are usually genetically gifted, maybe in the top 1 per cent, but the magazine implies that if you copy what their routine is, you can have a body like a contest winner in six months.

Sorry to burst that balloon, but even six years is unrealistic here for most of us mortals.

2. Unrealistic routines

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